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Safari Park entrance ticket / رحلات السفاري بارك تذكرة دخول

        You can see thousands of animals are left free as their natural habitat,Most of the animals are not in cages so you can see it closer,By using the vehicle, you are going down the route to see closer to the animals at the Safari Park / رحلات السفاري بارك from Indonesia and endangered species abroad.
 and cool atmosphere of the mountains, the scenic beauty,
      Various games and performances attract animals attractions for you to enjoy  For those of you who live in Jakarta, visit the Safari Park / رحلات السفاري بارك  located in Cisarua may be an option. This is because the area has been the highlight favorite recreation spot for the people of Jakarta because it was not too far away.
         Approximately 80 km from Jakarta and can be reached within 1-2 hours when the road  not jammed.
There are quite a lot of guidance along the way to start the Safari Park / رحلات السفاري بارك entrance exit toll that can facilitate you to this location. It lies Cisarua was not until the peak of the mountain pass Pangrango. From the toll road to the summit,You will find instructions on the Safari Park / رحلات السفاري بارك entrance is on the right.

  رحلات السفاري بارك. for carrots prices range from Rp 10.000, - to 4 tie.
Turn right toward the gate, uphill road to be traveled. Along the way there are a few lodging options that can be if you want to spend the night in this area. You will also find traders carrots, bananas, or vegetables in this way. Carrots and vegetables can you buy to feed animals in the Safari Park/

  There is also a seller of roasted corn can block the stomach You from hunger and cold,A gate that resembles elephant ivory signifies your almost there The entrance ticket booth. Safari Park / رحلات السفاري بارك entrance ticket is Rp 140.000, - for adults,to ticket the car, you have to pay Rp 15,000, -.  As for foreign travelers the price of admission 250,000. This price is valid every day, regardless of weekdays (working days) or weekend.

 You'll get a map that shows the location and places that exist This theme park, animal attractions also show schedule which will route you pass along any sequence of animals that you will encounter. Instead,
  You save this map that helps you find you want to go.

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