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excursion to the seven waterfall / شلال السبعة

     For those who like a waterfall/، الشلال , try an excursion to the waterfall 7/ Cilember, Bogor.
شلال السبعة As the name implies, tourists will not only find one, but seven waterfall/ شلال السبعة Jogjogan scattered village.

Cilember Waterfall/ شلال السبعة  located in Bogor, precisely in the Village Jogjogan, District Cisarua, approximately 20 km from the city of Bogor.

         From the entrance to the first waterfall not so far. Here you can enjoy  beautiful garden while shopping trinkets, ranging from accessories, bags, sandals and so on. There is  place to eat or just for a coffee. After that, you
will find breeding butterflies and rocking bridge before arriving at the waterfall.

    Next to the waterfall / شلال السبعة is quite far away and it takes a strong physique, because the streets to where it is pretty steep. For those of you with small children should think twice to take your child there.

third Waterfall that visited not so much, but in addition you may be steep
will have trouble. In rainy season, the roads are there in the form of land, and managers attaching any warning signs. At the waterfall there are no facilities whatsoever, but perfect for those who do not like crowds. You can enjoy the clarity and cool waterfall this one freely.

latest Waterfall / شلال السبعة  visited just above the third waterfall. Here heights  not so high waterfall/ شلال السبعة, about 3 meters. This is my last waterfall can visit, due to the very far to the next waterfall, in requiring less over an hour away.

you may go to next waterfall its means you have more power to got  seven waterfall / .شلال السبعة

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