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Legend of Telaga warna / بحيرة أسطورة اللون

  Long time ago, there was a kingdom in West Java called Kutatanggeuhan. Kutatanggeuhan a prosperous and peaceful kingdom. Its people live in peace and prosperity for led by a wise king.Kutatanggeuhan kingdom, King Suwartalaya and
Purbamanah queen consort.King and his wife have not had children. it makes the royal couple very sad.the king dont want to raise foster children, for their biological child is very meaningful.
to achieve the desire of the king to go looking for a place to be alone and pray to almighty

     Finally, the queen became pregnant and gave birth to a daughter named Rukmini Gilang,A dozen years later, she has become a beautiful teenager. as an only child for so long and looking forward to a very, very indulgent king and queen his daughter, so that the princess had a very bad character.

     the anniversary of the princess were to seventeen years, the king gave a necklace studded with gems
which results from the administration of its people but the princess refused to take it and throw it necklace to the floor , so gems scattered on the floor.

      the queen was very sad to saw the incident and tears, as well as people who witnessed the incident, and then suddenly out of the water in the soil and overwhelm the palace On a clear day, we could see the lake was full of beautiful colors and amazing at Telaga warna / لون البحيرة

    The color comes from the shadow of the forest, plants, flowers, and sky around the lake. But people say, the colors are from the princess necklace scattered across the floor lake.

Telaga Warna located is near from restaurant "Rindu Alam" /   لون البحيرة إغلاق للمطاعم "Rindu Alam"

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