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المظلة الذروة/parachute at Puncak

      Puncak, West Java, known as a tourist area that is never empty of tourists,both local and foreign  Every day hundreds of people come to the top,
especially during weekends or holidays.

     In addition to Taman Safari Indonesia, Cibodas, seven waterfalls,tourists can also see the natural beauty of the sky with a parachute/مظلة  Peak

indeed there are areas in declining top Area  for pressure-assisted parachute.for once a parachute /مظلة jump around 300000-350000 IDR (Indonesian rupiah )

            Paragliding/مظلة  in the surrounding peaks were first published in the 1990s by Aero Federation Sport of Indonesian (Fasi). The location is not far from Masjid At-ta'awun,only about 700 meters.
This first time to try Parachute/مظلة ?, do not worry, you will be accompanied  by paragliding pilots who are professionals, with equipment that is very safe.
after the equipment is in use we would be flying at an altitude of about 1,300 feet above the sea surface.
expanse of parachute and breezy wind blowing we are ready to fly. After that,You will be able to enjoy a fantastic view of the beautiful sky.

Do not forget to capture this rare moment,You are invited to play the tea plantations for 5-10 minutes. Then, given a mandate for landing.

Landing area you will be greeted by some paraboy that will help you take off equipment. From the landing, you will be escorted to the hill where you fly to rest.

Ask Ali for further Information About Puncak : +62 821-9410-2908 / +62858-8398-0000
طلب علي للتشاور  

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