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hot spring in ciater bandung

Vacation in Indonesia in addition to Puncak and Bali, the nearest place from puncak is Bandung, to unwind with family is the most delicious holiday in Subang, West Java. Here you can enjoy a hot water bath at Ciater which is the location of the baths are already very well known in West Java.

Ciater Hot Springs Bandung is a favorite of international tourist mandatory for you to visit. Hot spring in this Ciater, is a tour that interests many people. In a day's tour Ciater be visited by more than 60,000 people. The price of admission thermal baths are fairly cheap Ciater Bandung also a destination for many visitors

This Ciater tourist sites more beautiful and enchanting with cool air condition and also a view of the tea gardens are very extensive. In addition, a hot bath in Ciater also very beneficial for health, can be used to help cure various diseases such as reumatic, paralysis, neurological disorders, bone, and other diseases.

derived from the active crater of the tourist area of Mount Tangkuban Perahu Bandung is located quite close to the location of this Ciater hot water bath, water sulfur significant impact compared with plain water. In the tourist attractions in Bandung this Ciater hot spring, in addition to enjoying healthy hot bath, you can also enjoy the relaxed atmosphere in a fairly wide arena tour.
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