Sabtu, 04 Oktober 2014

Garden paradise is Cibodas

         When we set foot in Cibodas or garden paradise, unimaginable beauty presented by  nature.Trees and green plants spread throughout the eye could see. Botanical Garden extent of 80 acres located at the foot of Mount Gede-Pangrango this has long been known
as a tourist attraction that is very interesting. In fact, there is a give nickname Garden of Eden in Asia.

        Botanical beauty Cibodas supported by a collection of trees.
Here the stored collection of hundreds of trees both old and young trees.
Recorded 5,831 plant samples from 1,206 types of plants live here.

    Cibodas Botanical Garden which is a gateway for mountaineers
want to climb Mount Gede visited no less than 400,000 people.
Some locations of interest visitors include greenhouse,
      Jalan Araucaria (auracarua Avenue), Niagara Cibodas and location of the landscape and its fountain.

        As natural attractions, gardens Cibodas, will spoil.Your family along with its natural beauty. The air is cool,breeze and chirping birds will bring you to nature previously unimaginable delusion.
Cibodas Botanical Garden, located on Mount Gede Pangrango Forest Complex, Village Cimacan,  Cipanas, Cianjur. Field topography is hilly and undulating with
altitude of 1,275 m above sea level, air temperature 17-27 degrees Celsius.

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