Jumat, 28 November 2014

Rafting tour at Citarik river Sukabumi / جولة تجمع المياه البيضاء

     As though there is no end in exploring the tourist attractions in the area Bogor West Java.
This time we will visit the extreme sports in the area Cikidang sukabumi Rafting, we will cross the river Citarik with a very heavy flow of water.

     Trip approximately two hours without getting bogged down with a distance of approximately 87 km ,we arrived at a place that wild currents provide talented guide navigates Citarik the swift river /جولة  تجمع المياه البيضاء.

The cheapest fare Rp.225.000 / person at least 5 people, so even though we came both of us remains charged for 5 people, with the closest distance is 5 kilos, enough to make tense and spur us to cross the river andrenalin Citarik using rubber boats on offer

    begins with a car that transports us to the extent of five kilos where adventure will begin. do not be afraid we could not paddle raft, because everything we submit to guide, they will take us across the river rapids Citarik,Very thrilling and fun to play rafting on the river Citarik.
 جولة تجمع المياه البيضاء

              - Package tours Rafting -
a. 5 kilometers = 1.825.000 IDR (5 people)
(Fee includes shuttle from hotel / villa to the river Citarik sukabumi,
Inflatable boats, rafting guides and lunch)

B.9 kilometers = 2.175.000 IDR (5 people)
(Fee includes shuttle from hotel / villa to the river Citarik sukabumi,
Inflatable boats, rafting guides and lunch)

c. 17 kilometers = .5.550.000 IDR (10 people)
(Fee includes shuttle from hotel / villa to the river Citarik sukabumi,Inflatable boats, rafting guides and lunch)

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Selasa, 11 November 2014

Jungleland family playground / Jungleland ملعب الأسرة

Jungleland/غابات العالم  was opened on December 12, 2012. Carnival, Eksplora, Tropicalia and Mysteria is four thematic zones in Jungleland there is also a Science Centre, Science Centre, the claim will be the largest education center in Indonesia.In Science Centre visitors can enjoy a lab biology, physics, insect museum
where we have a collection of thousands of butterflies,

 insects, shells galleries and so on.

There is also the Downtown zone that will be the center
of which there are dozens of culinary tourism
renowned restaurants of various traditional foods Bogor.
Jungleland/غابات العالم  is a place of recreation, entertainment,
 and edutainment great fun for the family
. Jungleland /غابات العالم Adventure Theme Park is designed
in the cool mountains where the air is clean and healthy,
 so the atmosphere very convenient for travel. With all the new rides,
spectacular also Science Centre in Indonesia.
The employees at Jungleland has the nickname "Ranger" and ready to assist you with
With rides like the Ferris wheel, roller coaster, bump-bump car and  still a lot of game
that will stimulate your adrenalin available in Jungleland.

Jungleland/غابات العالم  Sentul city is approximately 50 km from Jakarta and 35 kilometers from Puncak
can be reached by car less than an hour. Admission to a regular day, Monday to Friday, and 150,000IDR for the Saturday and Sunday 200.000IDR, also enjoy special discounts of  20-40 percent.
To get 40 percent discount at this time I used the card Alfamart.

Senin, 10 November 2014

Legend of Telaga warna / بحيرة أسطورة اللون

  Long time ago, there was a kingdom in West Java called Kutatanggeuhan. Kutatanggeuhan a prosperous and peaceful kingdom. Its people live in peace and prosperity for led by a wise king.Kutatanggeuhan kingdom, King Suwartalaya and
Purbamanah queen consort.King and his wife have not had children. it makes the royal couple very sad.the king dont want to raise foster children, for their biological child is very meaningful.
to achieve the desire of the king to go looking for a place to be alone and pray to almighty

     Finally, the queen became pregnant and gave birth to a daughter named Rukmini Gilang,A dozen years later, she has become a beautiful teenager. as an only child for so long and looking forward to a very, very indulgent king and queen his daughter, so that the princess had a very bad character.

     the anniversary of the princess were to seventeen years, the king gave a necklace studded with gems
which results from the administration of its people but the princess refused to take it and throw it necklace to the floor , so gems scattered on the floor.

      the queen was very sad to saw the incident and tears, as well as people who witnessed the incident, and then suddenly out of the water in the soil and overwhelm the palace On a clear day, we could see the lake was full of beautiful colors and amazing at Telaga warna / لون البحيرة

    The color comes from the shadow of the forest, plants, flowers, and sky around the lake. But people say, the colors are from the princess necklace scattered across the floor lake.

Telaga Warna located is near from restaurant "Rindu Alam" /   لون البحيرة إغلاق للمطاعم "Rindu Alam"

Sabtu, 08 November 2014

Exotic lake of jangari / غريبة jangari البحيرة

        Reservoir Jangari / غريبة jangari البحيرة  including areas upstream of the flow of water from Saguling-Ciburuy-Jangari-Cirata-Jatiluhur
which eventually flows into Karawang, Jakarta Kalilamang and splitting to flow the sea which is a series of cycle rides rain water from the sea to the mountains and back to the sea.
to the distance from Puncak to the jangari approximately thirty kilo meters / لبعد المسافة من الجبل إلى jangari حوالي ثلاثين كيلو متر

       Lake  Jangari is inline with the famous Cirata Goldfish farming and Tilapia in the region, and is said jangari Reservoir is a reservoir
artificial water comes from Cirata, this overflow water drown many villages in the region jangari / غريبة jangari البحيرة

     Travel to floating cages located in the middle of the reservoir was fun.
Water reservoirs quiet and beautiful scenery, made the trip feel
  Arriving in the middle of the reservoir view of the farmers' floating cages scattered every - where, and we also can enjoy freshwater fish in center direstoran reservoirs, there are goldfish, tilapia and carp, with processed fish to order, can be baked or fried.

your guide and driver while on vacation in Indonesia

دليل وسائق بالنسبة لك بينما كان في عطلة في إندونيسيا

Senin, 27 Oktober 2014

Safari Park entrance ticket / رحلات السفاري بارك تذكرة دخول

        You can see thousands of animals are left free as their natural habitat,Most of the animals are not in cages so you can see it closer,By using the vehicle, you are going down the route to see closer to the animals at the Safari Park / رحلات السفاري بارك from Indonesia and endangered species abroad.
 and cool atmosphere of the mountains, the scenic beauty,
      Various games and performances attract animals attractions for you to enjoy  For those of you who live in Jakarta, visit the Safari Park / رحلات السفاري بارك  located in Cisarua may be an option. This is because the area has been the highlight favorite recreation spot for the people of Jakarta because it was not too far away.
         Approximately 80 km from Jakarta and can be reached within 1-2 hours when the road  not jammed.
There are quite a lot of guidance along the way to start the Safari Park / رحلات السفاري بارك entrance exit toll that can facilitate you to this location. It lies Cisarua was not until the peak of the mountain pass Pangrango. From the toll road to the summit,You will find instructions on the Safari Park / رحلات السفاري بارك entrance is on the right.

  رحلات السفاري بارك. for carrots prices range from Rp 10.000, - to 4 tie.
Turn right toward the gate, uphill road to be traveled. Along the way there are a few lodging options that can be if you want to spend the night in this area. You will also find traders carrots, bananas, or vegetables in this way. Carrots and vegetables can you buy to feed animals in the Safari Park/

  There is also a seller of roasted corn can block the stomach You from hunger and cold,A gate that resembles elephant ivory signifies your almost there The entrance ticket booth. Safari Park / رحلات السفاري بارك entrance ticket is Rp 140.000, - for adults,to ticket the car, you have to pay Rp 15,000, -.  As for foreign travelers the price of admission 250,000. This price is valid every day, regardless of weekdays (working days) or weekend.

 You'll get a map that shows the location and places that exist This theme park, animal attractions also show schedule which will route you pass along any sequence of animals that you will encounter. Instead,
  You save this map that helps you find you want to go.

Minggu, 26 Oktober 2014

المظلة الذروة/parachute at Puncak

      Puncak, West Java, known as a tourist area that is never empty of tourists,both local and foreign  Every day hundreds of people come to the top,
especially during weekends or holidays.

     In addition to Taman Safari Indonesia, Cibodas, seven waterfalls,tourists can also see the natural beauty of the sky with a parachute/مظلة  Peak

indeed there are areas in declining top Area  for pressure-assisted parachute.for once a parachute /مظلة jump around 300000-350000 IDR (Indonesian rupiah )

            Paragliding/مظلة  in the surrounding peaks were first published in the 1990s by Aero Federation Sport of Indonesian (Fasi). The location is not far from Masjid At-ta'awun,only about 700 meters.
This first time to try Parachute/مظلة ?, do not worry, you will be accompanied  by paragliding pilots who are professionals, with equipment that is very safe.
after the equipment is in use we would be flying at an altitude of about 1,300 feet above the sea surface.
expanse of parachute and breezy wind blowing we are ready to fly. After that,You will be able to enjoy a fantastic view of the beautiful sky.

Do not forget to capture this rare moment,You are invited to play the tea plantations for 5-10 minutes. Then, given a mandate for landing.

Landing area you will be greeted by some paraboy that will help you take off equipment. From the landing, you will be escorted to the hill where you fly to rest.

Ask Ali for further Information About Puncak : +62 821-9410-2908 / +62858-8398-0000
طلب علي للتشاور  

Selasa, 21 Oktober 2014

excursion to the seven waterfall / شلال السبعة

     For those who like a waterfall/، الشلال , try an excursion to the waterfall 7/ Cilember, Bogor.
شلال السبعة As the name implies, tourists will not only find one, but seven waterfall/ شلال السبعة Jogjogan scattered village.

Cilember Waterfall/ شلال السبعة  located in Bogor, precisely in the Village Jogjogan, District Cisarua, approximately 20 km from the city of Bogor.

         From the entrance to the first waterfall not so far. Here you can enjoy  beautiful garden while shopping trinkets, ranging from accessories, bags, sandals and so on. There is  place to eat or just for a coffee. After that, you
will find breeding butterflies and rocking bridge before arriving at the waterfall.

    Next to the waterfall / شلال السبعة is quite far away and it takes a strong physique, because the streets to where it is pretty steep. For those of you with small children should think twice to take your child there.

third Waterfall that visited not so much, but in addition you may be steep
will have trouble. In rainy season, the roads are there in the form of land, and managers attaching any warning signs. At the waterfall there are no facilities whatsoever, but perfect for those who do not like crowds. You can enjoy the clarity and cool waterfall this one freely.

latest Waterfall / شلال السبعة  visited just above the third waterfall. Here heights  not so high waterfall/ شلال السبعة, about 3 meters. This is my last waterfall can visit, due to the very far to the next waterfall, in requiring less over an hour away.

you may go to next waterfall its means you have more power to got  seven waterfall / .شلال السبعة

Taman Bunga Nusantara / حديقة الزهور

      enjoy the beauty of the flowers are blooming come
Taman Bunga Nusantara/ حديقة الزهو  in the Puncak. All kinds of flowers with different variety colors and shapes here.
Taman Bunga Nusantara/حديقة الزهور  distance  about 100 km from Jakarta, or 90 miles from London, a collection of more than 300 varieties of flowers from around the world.

    The park was first opened by Mrs. Tien Soeharto on 10 September 1995.In addition to the many parks amusement facilities for children in the form of minicars, restaurant and also
arcade game,So that makes visitors feel at home linger in the garden The beautiful natural beautiful.

     You can see thousand of pieces of flower garden built specifically on the land 23  acres. The gardens are beautiful and traditional look. Vegetation foreign origin dominate the 10th planting. It looks from the collection of flowers  that grow in the park.

Taman Bunga Nusantara/حديقة الزهور  totaling 35 acres located on the side of the path to the summit,
Bogor, precisely in the Village Kawung Luwuk, District Sukaresmi (Cipanas), Cianjur.
In addition to the flower garden which covers 23 acres, there are friends recreation, restaurants, parking,
and others.

Sabtu, 04 Oktober 2014

Garden paradise is Cibodas

         When we set foot in Cibodas or garden paradise, unimaginable beauty presented by  nature.Trees and green plants spread throughout the eye could see. Botanical Garden extent of 80 acres located at the foot of Mount Gede-Pangrango this has long been known
as a tourist attraction that is very interesting. In fact, there is a give nickname Garden of Eden in Asia.

        Botanical beauty Cibodas supported by a collection of trees.
Here the stored collection of hundreds of trees both old and young trees.
Recorded 5,831 plant samples from 1,206 types of plants live here.

    Cibodas Botanical Garden which is a gateway for mountaineers
want to climb Mount Gede visited no less than 400,000 people.
Some locations of interest visitors include greenhouse,
      Jalan Araucaria (auracarua Avenue), Niagara Cibodas and location of the landscape and its fountain.

        As natural attractions, gardens Cibodas, will spoil.Your family along with its natural beauty. The air is cool,breeze and chirping birds will bring you to nature previously unimaginable delusion.
Cibodas Botanical Garden, located on Mount Gede Pangrango Forest Complex, Village Cimacan,  Cipanas, Cianjur. Field topography is hilly and undulating with
altitude of 1,275 m above sea level, air temperature 17-27 degrees Celsius.

Kamis, 18 September 2014

سائق بلغتين العربية والإنجليزية / Ali arief bilingual English and Arabic

 We are ready to serve your vacation while in the Puncak west Java ,part of the villa package, a car and a maid, until the destination you want to visit in any place in the Puncak west java area
In fact, not only at the Puncak,  we are ready to accompany you to the other regions in Indonesia, such as Bali and Bandung.

على استعداد لخدمتك في الفيلات حزمة وتأجير السيارات والمساعدين في الجبال
للحصول على حزمة فيلا من غرفتي نوم والسيارات والمساعدين ٠٥٤ ريال / يوم .

For more information contact / لمزيد من المعلومات، يرجى الاتصال 

WhatsApp :
+62858-8398-0000    (Ali ) 

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Bilingual Driver English and Arabic سائق بلغتين العربية والإنجليزية  
 سائق بلغتين العربية والإنجليزية
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