Kamis, 05 Maret 2015

Telaga Waja river rafting bali

    Located about 2 hours from Kuta using the car without getting bogged
down towards the reef tamarind precisely under the foot of majestic mountains.
Swift flow of the river at Telaga Waja will boost your adrenaline, feel lacing Telaga Waja river swift flow along the rafting guides professionals who are experienced in driving a rubber boat on the river Telaga Waja Bali.
  Swift flow of the river and steep rapids Telaga Waja river that is not lost with wild currents that are in Sukabumi Citarik River.
Also during the trip
we will be presented Rafting river scenery around cool and Beautiful All the way,You will find not just once as it navigates the Telaga Waja river rafting distance is 12 miles.

Or if you are afraid to wade through a river rafting with a very heavy flow you can try the Ayung river rafting bali that is not too heavy with a distance closer than kuta only 1 hour, was in Payangan close to Ubud.
Ayung River is suitable for beginners and children, or for those who fear the swift flow of the river but still want rafting.

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