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Exotic lake of jangari / غريبة jangari البحيرة

        Reservoir Jangari / غريبة jangari البحيرة  including areas upstream of the flow of water from Saguling-Ciburuy-Jangari-Cirata-Jatiluhur
which eventually flows into Karawang, Jakarta Kalilamang and splitting to flow the sea which is a series of cycle rides rain water from the sea to the mountains and back to the sea.
to the distance from Puncak to the jangari approximately thirty kilo meters / لبعد المسافة من الجبل إلى jangari حوالي ثلاثين كيلو متر

       Lake  Jangari is inline with the famous Cirata Goldfish farming and Tilapia in the region, and is said jangari Reservoir is a reservoir
artificial water comes from Cirata, this overflow water drown many villages in the region jangari / غريبة jangari البحيرة

     Travel to floating cages located in the middle of the reservoir was fun.
Water reservoirs quiet and beautiful scenery, made the trip feel
  Arriving in the middle of the reservoir view of the farmers' floating cages scattered every - where, and we also can enjoy freshwater fish in center direstoran reservoirs, there are goldfish, tilapia and carp, with processed fish to order, can be baked or fried.

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