Rabu, 22 Oktober 2014

Taman Bunga Nusantara / حديقة الزهور

      enjoy the beauty of the flowers are blooming come
Taman Bunga Nusantara/ حديقة الزهو  in the Puncak. All kinds of flowers with different variety colors and shapes here.
Taman Bunga Nusantara/حديقة الزهور  distance  about 100 km from Jakarta, or 90 miles from London, a collection of more than 300 varieties of flowers from around the world.

    The park was first opened by Mrs. Tien Soeharto on 10 September 1995.In addition to the many parks amusement facilities for children in the form of minicars, restaurant and also
arcade game,So that makes visitors feel at home linger in the garden The beautiful natural beautiful.

     You can see thousand of pieces of flower garden built specifically on the land 23  acres. The gardens are beautiful and traditional look. Vegetation foreign origin dominate the 10th planting. It looks from the collection of flowers  that grow in the park.

Taman Bunga Nusantara/حديقة الزهور  totaling 35 acres located on the side of the path to the summit,
Bogor, precisely in the Village Kawung Luwuk, District Sukaresmi (Cipanas), Cianjur.
In addition to the flower garden which covers 23 acres, there are friends recreation, restaurants, parking,
and others.

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