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Jungleland family playground / Jungleland ملعب الأسرة

Jungleland/غابات العالم  was opened on December 12, 2012. Carnival, Eksplora, Tropicalia and Mysteria is four thematic zones in Jungleland there is also a Science Centre, Science Centre, the claim will be the largest education center in Indonesia.In Science Centre visitors can enjoy a lab biology, physics, insect museum
where we have a collection of thousands of butterflies,

 insects, shells galleries and so on.

There is also the Downtown zone that will be the center
of which there are dozens of culinary tourism
renowned restaurants of various traditional foods Bogor.
Jungleland/غابات العالم  is a place of recreation, entertainment,
 and edutainment great fun for the family
. Jungleland /غابات العالم Adventure Theme Park is designed
in the cool mountains where the air is clean and healthy,
 so the atmosphere very convenient for travel. With all the new rides,
spectacular also Science Centre in Indonesia.
The employees at Jungleland has the nickname "Ranger" and ready to assist you with
With rides like the Ferris wheel, roller coaster, bump-bump car and  still a lot of game
that will stimulate your adrenalin available in Jungleland.

Jungleland/غابات العالم  Sentul city is approximately 50 km from Jakarta and 35 kilometers from Puncak
can be reached by car less than an hour. Admission to a regular day, Monday to Friday, and 150,000IDR for the Saturday and Sunday 200.000IDR, also enjoy special discounts of  20-40 percent.
To get 40 percent discount at this time I used the card Alfamart.

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