Senin, 21 Maret 2016

Dulur supir guide driver at Indonesia

Dulur supir is a tour guide in the Indonesian community , which is committed to promote tourism in Indonesia , particularly in the top mountains , Jakarta , Bali and Bandung .
Supported by more than 300 car fleet of various types we are ready to take you to get around Indonesia .
Dulur supir has a lot of professional drivers who are fluent in Arabic and English .

so if you expect to rent a car at the top mountain , Jakarta , Bali or Bandung with a driver who can speak Arabic or English you can directly contact us.

Today many competitors who lease cars per day to 300,000 idr
but in the end guests who rent 300,000 idr per day are not satisfied with the services of the driver .
car rental price plus a guide in Dulur supir is in the range 500-600 / day , depending on the arrangement and type of car .

Our motto is the satisfaction of our customers , ensuring quality and not cost that ultimately make guests disappointed and reluctant to come back to Indonesia

so I wait for you to come to Indonesia and feel the sensation holiday with us , sallam DULUR supir
تأجير السيارات يوميا 
 Ali +6285883980000

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